Silvio Palomino Cigars - First Run long filler premium Dominican Cigars
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Fine Cigars Worthy Of Our Cuban Heritage

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you sell cigars at these prices? Is there something wrong with them?

Our prices bring out the cynicism in everyone. No, there is absolutely nothing wrong with our cigars. In fact, we challenge you to find a better tasting, better constructed premium cigar for less than $10 a stick retail. Our First Run Premium long filler cigars sell in retail stores for $6 and up. By selling factory direct to you, we eliminate the brokers, the national advertising, the distributors, the sales reps, and the retail store profit for the majority of cigar smokers that don't live close to a retail outlet of fine cigars.

Do I get 20 or 25 cigars in a box or bundle?

All of our boxes and bundles come with a full 25 cigars. We refuse to go with the industry trend that gives you fewer cigars just so their box or bundle prices can look lower.

How quickly are my cigars shipped?

All orders are shipped the same or next business day. If any items are back-ordered, you will be contacted immediately to discuss your options, either substituting another item, canceling the back-ordered items, or having your order shipped when your items arrive in our warehouse from the Dominican Republic.

Where are my cigars shipped from?

All orders are shipped from our warehouse in West Palm Beach, Florida.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card is never charged until your order is complete, packed and ready for shipment.

What is a “Cuban Sandwich” cigar?

"Cuban Sandwich" is the term given to the technique of constructing cigars from the partial tobacco leaves left over from the first run production. These cigars use the same aged premium tobacco as our first run cigars and have the same great flavor.

Do retail stores sell your cigars?

Yes, Palomino Cigars have been sold in Brick & Mortar shops for many years.

Can I get your cigars with my own custom ring?

Yes, we can custom design a ring and/or packaging for you. Please contact us for details and tell us whether or not you are interested in reselling these cigars. We do a lot of contract manufacturing and although we can't disclose for whom, you have most likely already enjoyed some of our cigars.

Do you inflate shipping charges?

Absolutely NOT! You will only pay actual postage. Remember, shipping is FREE on all orders over $100 for packages in the US.

Do you ship international

Absolutely, we do ship International. We use US Postal Service International Air Parcel and charge you only for the cigars and the actual postage and insurance. Your country's customs will probably collect import duty from you when your package is delivered. We have no control over whether or not these charges will be levied, or the amount of those charges. Please do not order cigars from us if you are not prepared to pay these customs charges as we cannot accept returns if packages are refused by our customer. When you order cigars, we send you an email with the shipping costs before we process your order. We will not ship the order or charge your credit card until you approve these charges.