About our company

From humble beginnings in Cuba, the Palomino family has been making fine cigars in the Cibao Valley of the Santiago De Los Caballeros Province of the Dominican Republic. Since 1965 our factories have produced cigars under our rings as well as on contract to many recognizable names in the cigar industry.

For years our fine cigars have been enjoyed all over the world, usually identified by many brands and rings. Santa Ana, La Reina, Boca del Monte, and numerous house private labels to name a few. We’ve decided that it is time to consolidate our cigars under the Palomino banner. Fine cigars worthy of our Cuban heritage.

Cigars like these are sold in retail shop humidors for more than $8 and up per stick. Included in the price you pay are advertising costs, wholesale representative commissions, distributor markups and the retail store profit.

By selling factory direct to you and eliminating all these middlemen, we are able to bring you these same fine premium long-filler cigars for about 1/2 of what you are used to spending. Don’t confuse these cigars with inexpensive short-fill bundles of overruns, seconds, blemishes, throw-outs, etc.

Our cigars are hand rolled from aged premium long-filler tobacco for a rich flavorful smoke and slow even burn with a long white ash. We only use the finest aged binder and wrapper tobaccos as well.

Once you try these, we are sure you’ll never want to pay more than $3-$4 for a great cigar again.

As if that weren’t enough, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING on all orders

Welcome to the Palomino family.